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Tony Vega Your Smartphone Repair Guy

Seeing these Retail outlets overcharging customers made me want to do something about it to help the consumer. Very affordable rates. I take in broken devices towards repairs if consumer cannot pay for their repair. Honest guy will find the best solution for repair. I tell you the truth if device is worth repairing or not. I've always had a passion for taking electronics apart & reassembling them since I been a kid. All of my knowledge is self taught by trial & error. I started with computers at age 14 building, repairing. Got into mobile repairs in 2005. I'm familiar with Android developing software, rooting phones. Microsoft, Apple software knowledge. I speak fluent Spanish, English


smartphone repair Wisconsin24+ Years of Computer Repair Experience!

About us

Smartphone Repair WI will provide you with assistance and support with just about any technology issue. We fix major bran Smartphone, Tablets and Microsoft Windows systems and offer consulting services with computer purchases to help you decide on a system to fit your needs. We understand it’s not always possible or convenient to drop off your computer, so we make house calls.

Our expert Smartphone and computer technicians can fix any smartphone and computer problem on any PC computer brand. Our quality Smartphone repair service in Racine, Kenosha and Milwaukee WI is affordable than any other Smartphone repair shop in Southeastern Wisconsin.


Our services:

Smartphone Repair
Tablet Repair
Computer Repair
Customize Smartphone

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Erika Ramirez Smartphone Repair Racine WI

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